Thursday, October 28, 2010

Advice to Tea Party: Use Your Words (Unless You Don't Know Any)

It's clear that Tea Party enthusiasts have forgotten what the rest of us learned in high school about the Constitution and evolution, but the pummeling of member Lauren Valle reveals they're also ignoring the basic lesson taught in nursery school, "use your words." Valle, carrying a sign in a group of Rand Paul supporters, was knocked down, her head repeatedly stepped on. This attack was then characterized by campaign coordinator Tim Profitt as "passion," who mistakenly believes "passion" is a synonym for "violence".

I, too, am angry, and have been since George W. Bush was said to have been elected. My condition, if diagnosed, would be called "Keith Olbermann Syndrome," the symptoms being an obsessive, unbridled fury at right wing politicians and pundits as well as a handful of relatives. There's no effective medical treatment for this fury so I turned to a homeopathic remedy, mosaic art.

For years I've been breaking plates, using the shards to design vases, picture frames, lamps, planters and candlestick holders. When Sarah Palin appeared on the scene, I needed to find an acceptable outlet for my anger and channeled it into mosaic political satire, which led to my Breaking News series. This includes vases that pay homage to Stephen Colbert and the environment and edgier cremation urns done with red, white and blue American flag plates and small pictures that comment on our current crises -- financial fraud, job losses, political sex scandals and right wingers. These and the more benign items can be seen by going to