Wednesday, April 7, 2010

with the news that spirit airlines is now charging $45 to place a carry on bag in an overhead bin i am beginning to think that heidi had a good idea. for those of you who are too young or too illiterate to have ever read the classic - heidi is the story of a young swiss girl who is sent away from her beloved, but poor, grandpa to go live in the home of a wealthy family and act as a companion to their invalid daughter.

heidi had no luggage. heidi wore all her clothing, all at once. now it's true that heidi probably didn't have an extensive wardrobe and i am betting that she only had one pair of shoes but i still think it is a good plan. when my husband and i travel i am the one who always takes the lions share of the luggage. therefore, from this time forth, when we travel, i am going to wear all my daytime clothing at once while the husband will wear all my evening clothes.

he doesn't know about this plan yet but i am sure he will agree once hears that we can save the $45 luggage fee.