Friday, November 14, 2008

the pregnant man is pregnant judi sadowsky...

having just seen, on cnn, a story about the post campaign withdrawal syndrome (which by the way i wrote about last week. that's right folks, you heard it here first) i realized that i am not alone in my despair. i was at loose ends without john and sarah and barak and joe and couldn't imagine life without them. and then i remembered life before the campaign. i remembered the good old days of lyndsay and brittney and paris. i remembered how those girls filled our days and hogged the front pages of everything from people magazine to the new york times. who needed politics when we had the party girls? but alas, those days are gone. just like the democrats and republicans have deserted us and our insatiable need for news and gossip, so have the good old girls of days gone by. paris is in love with nicole ritchie's boyfriend's brother (are you with me) brittney has settled down and is playing good mom while on the path to reviving her career and lyndsay is a lesbian. no news there.

this morning however, i awoke to find my prayers answered. the market was still crashing, unemployment still at an all time high and business's still closing left and right, but in spite of it all, the pregnant man is pregnant again. finally, i have something new to obsess about. why, after only five months of fatherhood, is this half man/ half woman ready to go again? are we going to have to endure another six or seven months of a topless, pregnant man in front of the shaving mirror? oh i hope so.

finally something new to distract us. it couldn't come at a better time. while nine months of pregnant man will keep us busy, nothing will ever compare to the highs and lows of the past campaign. i guess the only thing that could do that would be if there were some major breaking political news along the lines of hillary clinton being appointed secretary of state. like that would ever happen.


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