Monday, November 10, 2008

post campaign withdrawal judi sadowsky

i am suffering with an acute case of pcws (post campaign withdrawal syndrome). every morning when i wake up i turn on "the today show" hoping to see chuck todd and his pie charts - oh how i miss pie charts. i want to see the polls, all of the polls, the zogby and the wall street journal and the funny one beginning with a q that nobody could ever pronounce. i want to know how my under thirty-five white guys are doing and what's up with the black, single, suburban moms or the unwed mothers over forty.

i miss john mc cain and his ever changing campaign messages and sarah, oh my god i miss sarah. i miss william ayers and reverand wright and the lipstick wearing pigs. what i wouldn't give for just one more week with joe the plumber and the first dude and piper and willow and trig, track and bristol. will levi and bristol ever get married and will howard fineman ever grow out his grey? i know that we are going to get to watch malia and sasha grow up but what will ever become of meghan mc cain. and cindy - how can i go on without cindy? how will st. john's knits go on without cindy?

i admit it. i grew addicted to the campaign. there is not a show on television that could have competed with the two years of entertainment our political process afforded us. when barak obama won, i cried. i was so happy that our country was moving forward, with a new leader who will hopefully take us in a better direction, but i also must admit i shed a tear for all that we will be missing. i think it would not be such a bad idea if we extended the campaign from two years to four. that way we will always have something to watch, listen and worry about. after what we, as a country have just been through, it kind of makes grey's anatomy look dull by comparison.


Robin Amos Kahn said...

I couldn't agree more. I think that's why I caught a cold. My immune system is in withdrawal.

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