Thursday, October 9, 2008

the whole is for judi sadowsky

it looks like the whole world is in trouble - not just us. in some ways that fact is comforting, in other ways it scares me to death. reading the morning paper has suddenly become an act of courage. i stay in bed until i am sure that the husband has had enough time to run out, in his undies, to the driveway, bring in the paper and read the front page. then, and only then, do i venture out of bed to find out if it safe to start my day. every morning is a little bit like groundhog day, in my house.

one article i read said that this is the perfect time to start buying. real estate, stocks, everything will soon be going for bargain basement prices. the smart investor with money in his pocket (notice i said pocket not bank, not stock market) will be able to gobble up incredible buys which, over time will be worth billions. here we go again. we are barely into this world wide crisis and already we are being told how to profit from it.

last time i missed out on the big boom. we were too busy earning a living and raising two children to be making a killing in the market, but this time i am prepared. i have been doing a lot of research and i have made a decision. i am going to buy iceland! it seems like a very nice place. there are only 300,000 inhabitants, which is a smaller population than most american, large city, high schools, so i think it will be manageable. i saw a photo in the paper and they actually have high rise buildings and streets and hospitals and, hold on to your hats girls, department stores. i think i can make it work. it may get a little chilly in the winter (hence the name) but i've got that figured that out as well - i am also going to buy tahiti.


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