Thursday, October 2, 2008

What I'd ask Sarah Palin at the Sybil Adelman Sage

If only to see Tina Fey's en pointe Sarah Palin impersonation, these are questions I'd pose to the Alaskan governor at the debate:

What would you do to revitalize America's economy? (I'm not sure anyone has the answer, but it would be fun to hear Palin dance around this.)

Distinguish between Hamas and Hezbollah. The Green Zone and the West Bank. Sunni and Shiite. Wall Street and Main Street. Newsweek and Allure.

Were you coached, or have you always avoided admitting your ignorance by filling the time with double talk?

Which of the high school classmates you appointed to high-paid positions in Alaska would you recommend for the cabinet?

So, when's the wedding? What will you wear? Who'll be the ring bearer? Who'll hold the shotgun?