Wednesday, October 1, 2008

sarah palin - former p.t.a. judi sadowsky

o.k. now he's done it! i have tried to be fair and balanced even while rooting for obama, praying for obama, dreaming about a president obama, i have tried to not hate john mc cain. i have tried, as hard as i could, to believe that he is a basically good man, who really just wants the best for this country, albeit, a bit too determined to win to make judicious choices, but now - now he has crossed the line!

today, while being interviewed about sarah palin, mc cain, in defense of his woefully under- qualified running mate, listed her accomplishments as a mayor, governor and p.t.a president! p.t.a. president?!!! i was a p.t.a. president and i think i can speak for most of the p.t.a. presidents around the country. first of all, every former and present p.t.a. president i have ever met were hundreds of i.q. points smarter than sarah palin. more importantly, i have never met or even heard of, a former p.t.a. president who has ever even considered putting that accomplishment on a resume for a job at walmart, much less for vice-president of the united states.

if sarah is planning to run cabinet meetings, the way most p.t.a. meetings are run, i only hopes she remembers to make sure that someone is assigned to bring the coffee cake.


Anonymous said...

Guess what? She was NOT a PTA president. They can't even find any evidence of her having a PTA position. Just another lie from a pathological liar.

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