Monday, October 6, 2008

now what? judi sadowsky

with the economy in free fall, it doesn't look like the 700 million dollar infusion is going to work. the entire world seems to be in a major financial crisis. now what? being a baby boomer, i grew up in a world, that while not always peaceful, (think korea, cuban missile crisis, cold war and viet nam) seemed always stable. somehow, no matter what was going on, there was a belief that america was strong and that our leaders, no matter who they were, would do the right thing and take care of us. it doesn't look like that is the case anymore.

i feel like we are on a runaway train and nobody is driving. where are the grown ups? who is going to put on the brakes, pat us on the back and pour us a glass of milk? i am not an economist, but i know that a dow that is below 10,000 can't possibly be good. if only we knew how bad bad was going to be and when was it going to get better? for the first time in my memory, i feel like there is nowhere to run and no place to hide. no one taught us in school what to do when the end of the world came.

when i was a little girl i remember learning about the continents shifting and land bridges being created and destroyed. i always wondered what it must have been like to be the person that was there the day it happened. i know those kinds of things took thousand of years to occur but somebody had to be there that day. i remember telling my mother that i didn't want to be the one to be there. i didn't want to be there the day the sun went out or the earth slipped off it's axis. she laughed at my foolishness and patted me on my head. i am so glad she is not alive to see this. she lived through the depression and the "war to end all wars", i know she believed she had lived through the worst, and she did, for her generation. now it is our turn and i hope we are smart enough and tough enough to take it.


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