Monday, October 27, 2008

Reflections on This Sybil Adelman Sage

Mercifully, we're approaching the end of this campaign, a time to reflect on what we've learned:

1. Nothing should be taken for granted. Think Hillary.

2. Relationships can be destroyed by political disagreements. The evidence is you can't persuade anyone, most notably relatives, to share your point of view. Better to make calls to the battleground states.

3. Scandals and gossip don't stick. However significant they may appear while being discussed on cable news shows, they don't necessarily undermine a candidacy unless you're Gary Hart or John Edwards.

4. "Frankly" and "sort of" have become conversational tics for those too old to insert "like" into every sentence.

5. The stars of this campaign are the Obamas, David Axelrod, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow.

6. Though it's conceivable that Sarah Palin's seeming indifference to criticism is a function of a narcissistic personality disorder and that John McCain's angry outbursts reflect post-traumatic stress syndrome and both have been accused of having had extra-marital affairs, they have plenty of supporters. Americans may be more forgiving - or dumber - than many of us believed.

7. Sarah Palin has done more for "Saturday Night Live" than John McCain. Her appearance on the show drew some 9.7 million viewers, raising the show's ratings by 47%. It would, therefore, behoove "SNL" to pick up the tab for her wardrobe, hair and make-up.

8. When anyone criticizes you or brings up one of your failures, a valid response is, "Why are we talking about this when what people care about most is the economy?


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