Monday, September 22, 2008

which way to vancouver? judi saowsky

now i am really worried. like the rest of the free world, i have been receiving hundreds of e mails a day, relating to our never ending presidential campaign. while i realize it is important to be on top of the news and to know, minute by minute, just where obama and mc cain are in the polls, i'm not the least bit curious, nor do i really care what percentage of americans want to watch a football game with obama rather than mc cain. have we all gone insane????

this past week, i have received about fifty requests to log on to the PBS television site to vote on whether or not i thought sarah palin was prepared to be president. just the fact that someone thought of setting up this site gives me the chills. the first ten times i received this email, from various strangers and friends, i clicked on and voted. then it suddenly hit me. i had voted ten times. i could have voted a hundred and ten times.

we are in really big trouble. let's face it. i guess we all stopped trusting the government eight years ago when george bush stole the election - but PBS? i trusted PBS. if the vote can be rigged on PBS, what possible hope do any of us have come november?


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