Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Northern Disclosures...by Sybil Adelman Sage

Is John McCain starting to look like one of those guys who bought a bride online? Has anyone heard him singing, "Getting to know You" to Sarah Palin?

Even if we agree that the kids should be off-limits, the story of Bristol Palin, the Alaskan governor's unmarried and pregnant 17-year-old daughter, was sure to be made public, something her mother must have anticipated.

Reactions vary. Some feel the mother of an infant with special needs, Trig (the name is Norse for "strength"), and also the mother of teenage Bristol (named after a salmon fishery) who also has some special needs, might have chosen to turn down the V.P. job to protect her kids' privacy and be more available to them than is possible while on the campaign trail. Others are more sympathetic, perhaps identifying, "That could be me...struggling with my kids' problems and running for vice-president, a job I don't understand, with an older man I met only once."

Sarah Palin is undeniably colorful and courageous. I wouldn't want to be faced with the choices she's confronted, but, then again, for her it's not a choice, which may minimize the agonizing.

I suspect the possibility, however remote, that she could become the president of our country isn't disturbing her sleep as seriously as it is mine.


Monique said...

Hi Sybil
Sandie and I had lunch today and she mentioned that you actually noticed that I had cancelled my subscription! Well, now that you noticed, I feel special, and I immediately resubscribed! I thought your Sarah Palin comments were right on target--so confusing--if it were a Democrat I liked with no experience and a pregnant daughter, it might be more complex for me--but in this case I'm just pissed about her general selfishness at promoting herself at the expense of at least two of her kids. If the Chief Stud (the husband) would say that he was devoting himself to the kids and quitting his job, I'd feel better. Anyway, hope you are well. Love, Monica

Sybil Adelman Sage said...

Hi Monica,

Yes, the system "outs" you when you leave, which I wish had existed when I was dating those guys who simply drifted away. I hadn't known you were a subscriber and am thrilled to have you back, so thrilled I'll take requests.

This story should keep us busy...until the next.

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