Thursday, September 18, 2008

i miss the girls! judi sadowsky

my brain hurts. i could have handled john mc cain, i could have handled the war in iraq, i could have handled a financial meltdown the likes of which this country hasn't seen since the great depression, i even could have handled sarah palin but i can not - i repeat - can not handle them all!

the other day i offered to parcel out worries to all of our readers so that each of us would not have to worry about more than one thing. i was amazed at how many responses i received. all of you, who took the time to write and share, showed a true sense of patriotism and the great american spirit. i had people offering to worry about alternate side of the street parking (obviously a new yorker), thigh bulge (obviously a starlet from southern california), korea, nuclear proliferation, our drinking water, air pollution, the rain forests, polar bears, and yes of course, the one one worry that weighs heavily on all of our minds, the high cost of purses and shoes. i would like to blame that one on a californian as well, but alas, even new yorkers shop.

i thought sharing our worries would help with my own personal anxiety but i was wrong. before, when my biggest worries were sarah palin as president and living in my car, i won't say i was happy, but at least i felt i could manage. now i am a mess. to tell the truth, i never once worried about polar bears or alternate side of the street parking. i would be a liar if i said thigh bulge never crossed my mind, but somehow i thought the rain forest and air pollution, while not under control, were on their way to being solved. until a dear reader from palo alto pointed out the high cost of accessories, i must admit i just waited until the sales and tried to buy one less pair of shoes a year. now that i know the handbag and shoe crisis is even greater than i thought, a simple trip to the mall has turned into torture.

i never thought i would live to hear myself say this, but i sure do miss the days when the front page headlines were filled, not with financial ruin or the threat of unqualified leaders potentially taking over the united states, but with updates on the antics of paris hilton, lyndsey lohan and brittney spears. oh please lord, bring back the girls!

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