Monday, September 15, 2008

how to beat the bad news judi sadowsky

is any one else feeling overwhelmed? i think so. i think all of us, at least those who still have a working brain, are drowning in worry. between the economy, the housing market, the unemployment rate, global warming, spawning killer storms and the elections, it is enough to make a sane person crazy. on top of all that, and i know you can all relate, yesterday, i got a lousy haircut, broke a nail and actually hit a parked car, all in one day.

so what to do? here is what i think. when i was a young girl my sister and i were expected to read at least two newspapers a day before sitting down to dinner. my parents wanted to make sure that we would develop the habit of being well informed and were able to discuss, intelligently, any subject, at any time. it worked, but never before in my life time has reading the newspaper been so depressing.

when the issues of the day, in my youth, became overwhelming, my mother decreed that the economy (yes, that word again) vietnam, the civil rights struggle and the draft were too much for one person to worry about. and so she passed out assignments. each of us was given one issue to concentrate on. i was thrilled about getting vietnam because all the cool kids in school were anti-war and we got to go to neat marches and sit-ins - but that was just me - at least the eighteen year old me. it worked. i never again had to worry about the stock market or the klu klux klan. vietnam was my thing and i stuck to it. you can not imagine how much happier i was.

and so, i am passing out assignments. please get in touch with me and let me know what one thing you would like to worry about and concentrate on. oh, and one suggestion. please, don't all of you try to sign up for sarah palin.