Friday, September 26, 2008

forget obama and mc cain - we've got love... by judi sadowsky

this morning, very early, the phone rang. an early morning phone call can only mean one of two things. one of my children has either (a) been in a (god forbid) car accident or (b) has gotten (god willing) engaged, or some sadistic early riser has dialed a wrong number.

it was none of the above. the caller identified themselves as belonging to the credit fraud protection division of my credit card company. they were calling to ask me about certain charges that had raised a red flag. this very officious young man wanted to know if i had signed up for this morning. i had to stop and think for a minute. it was 7:45 a.m., i hadn't even brushed my teeth yet. love with a proper stranger was the last thing on my mind. no, i hadn't been cyber dating in the wee hours of the morning. but then, i got insulted. why would my joining match. com raise a red flag? did the credit card company know that my husband of many decades was lying, snoring , next to me? did they think i was too old, too unattractive, to join an on line dating service? and what if i was cheating? do i need my credit card company calling me on my infidelity?

then the young man asked me if i had spent $2.99 on apple i tunes. this time i was flattered. the fact that anyone under forty actually thinks i am capable of logging on to i tunes is a good thing. it turns out, after much conversation, that my credit card had actually, unbeknownst to me, been stolen. i am so curious. i would love to meet the thief who, in the midst of the worst economic crisis our country has ever experienced, is still romantic enough that they were using a stolen credit card, not to financially enrich themselves, but to look for love and, apparently, the proper music to accompany it.