Monday, September 8, 2008

be careful what you wish judi sadowsky

for most of my adult life i have watched and applauded brave and courageous women who have risked their careers, marriages and friendships to fight for the cause of equal rights for women. i have often joined in, by marching and signing petitions, but i know countless women, of my generation, who did so very much more. these women, these heroines, were committed to the cause of equality for women and nothing stopped them. we came so close, this election, in realizing the dream of seeing a woman ascend to the highest office in the land. when that proved not to be, we still held out hopes that hillary would, at the very least, be the first female vice-president. alas, that too proved out of our reach, but still we were hopeful. we came so close this time - in four more years or, at the very least eight, perhaps the dream would finally become a reality.

then, along came sarah. who knew? when we spent all those years fighting and working and wishing and praying for some estrogen in the white house, we never once figured on a gun toting, right to lifer, with a penchant for bearing babies and mooseburgers. how could this have happened? we wanted a woman in the white house, but i guess we were not specific enough in our prayers. it was beyond all of our wildest imaginations (if you wrote this for a hollywood script it would be turned down on the basis of improbability) that we might end up with a woman in the white house who also happened to be a christian evangelical and a member of the nra. this is not a dream come true, but a living nightmare.

equal rights for women was supposed to be our thing. what in the world happened? how could it all have gone so wrong? if we ever, for one minute, thought that this election would be a shoo in, we had best give up that idea right now. complacency is not an option this time around. most of us have spent the better part of two generations letting other woman do the heavy lifting. now it is our turn - all of us - who value freedom, not just freedom of choice but freedom to think, pray and believe as we wish.

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