Friday, August 1, 2008

a woman of a certain judi sadowsky

today i got a haircut. this is a once, every six weeks occurrence, but for me it is always a big deal. i don't know if it is because i experienced a bad haircut trauma as a young child or if it is just natural for those us born under the sign of leo the lion to obsess about our manes, but there you have it. a haircut is always a something to be gotten through.

i told my hairdresser that i wanted something new and different. "how about bangs" i suggested. "nope you always hate bangs after we cut them" said ryan my hairdresser of thirty years. I insisted - he refused. finally ryan (whose real name is jeffery - another long story) looked me straight in the eye and said "judi, you are not a young woman. you might not libe around long enough to grow out bangs".

after i stopped laughing, i took a long hard look in the mirror. he was right. i was no longer a young woman. it didn't matter if katie homes and carla bruni had bangs - and looked great with them. they were young. they could afford hair blunders. my hair is like the stock market. i am at at an age where i can not afford to make any mistakes. i may not live long enough to correct them.

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