Monday, August 4, 2008

why i love judi sadowsky

today, in the august issue of westside today i read something so interesting i had to share it. it seems that irena medavoy, local socialite, most famous for having sued her dermatologist who had given her her botox injections has a new cause. since the last round of botulism that she had had injected in her head caused her to experience headaches that were so severe she was forced, at one point, to miss an oscar night party that she and her husband, a hollywood producer, had been invited to. not only did she claim that the injections had ruined her social life they had also impacted her ability to "perform her wifely duties".

apparently, not being able to wash floors and iron shirts drove irena to get out there and help the little people. irena has started an organization called adopt-a-nun. it seems that while elderly priests receive benefits from the church nuns do not. some of them are sleeping on cots, head-to-toe in old gyms and are deeply in need. if you adopt "your nun" will pray for you every day and correspond with you as well. in the article there is even a photo of irena and her husband with a nun. the caption reads "mike medavoy (who adopted his OWN nun) sister mary and irena medavoy" the caps are theirs, i swear.

sister mary looks perfectly nice and not that old. the article didn't say what happens to the nun after you adopt her. does she move from the old gym into your beverly hills guest house? are you responsible for the care and feeding of the indigent sister? come to think of it, maybe the medavoy's nun looks so good because they have been slipping her a little botox on the side.

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