Friday, August 29, 2008

Who Is McCain's Running Mate? Sybil Adelman Sage

Early this morning Joe Scarborough, Andrea Mitchell and Peggy Noonan were continually interrupting their dissection of Obama's speech in an effort to track the whereabouts of the likely VP candidates for John McCain, dismissing each as he was discovered not to be en route to join McCain in Dayton.

The suspense was a gift. It would have been a jarring "Morning After" to go to bed with Barack Obama and wake up with Joe Lieberman, an experience not unknown to many women.

It was then announced that McCain's choice is Alaska's Sarah Palin, whose experience is being questioned as she's been Governor for 18 months, and prior to that was the mayor of a town of 8,000. With further probing, maybe her resume will prove to include having been in student government or that she'd served on a condo board, which would add immeasurably to her credentials.

In her initial introductory speech, the VP candidate showed she has good hair, the requisite lapel pin and kids with names that sound like butterfly categories, which raises the issue of judgment.


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