Monday, August 11, 2008

Team USA is The Redeem Sybil Adelman Sage

The millions watching as the American male swimmers realized they'd won the Olympics gold in the relay race will never forget their reactions. Full-blown amazement gave way to uncontained ecstasy as they processed the unexpected and hard won triumph. Seconds before the first swimmer hit the water, the TV announcer had been saying that he'd done the math every which way and it always came up with the French taking this event. But these guys made the impossible a reality.

The French swimmers had made it known they'd come to Beijing determined to wipe out the Americans. These are our allies, but in 2008 America is not winning popularity contests. Sitting in the stands, his lapel pin designed to signal his patriotism towards a country whose image he's destroyed, was George W. Bush. The man has not earned the right to share the glory afforded the country by its athletes.

While the American basketball team has been dubbed The Redeem Team, the performances of all American contenders in these events are helping restore our country's image. Team USA could rightly be called The Redeem Team as each Olympic entrant is not only seeking to fulfill a personal goal, but doing damage control for the last eight years.

Team Bush, like Team USA, made the impossible a reality. No matter how we'd done the math, we all underestimated what they'd eventually do.

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