Monday, August 18, 2008

so much for mccain and the "cone of silence" judi sadowsky

now that we know that, most probably, john mc cain had evaded pastor rick warren's "cone of silence" saturday evening, i would like to know where warren put the unused cone, because we sure could use it now.

while i don't normally agree with right wing evangelicals, i totally am on board with this "cone of silence" thing. the mind boggles at how many situations that little cone could come in handy. it is obvious, of course, that any and all politicians would belong in the cone, not just so that they couldn't hear what was being said about them, but also to protect the rest of us from their 24 hour incessant rantings. i think nancy grace and all employees of fox news should spend a good part of every day in the cone as well as anne curry (just because she annoys me), george bush, and karl rove. fortunately, for all of us, dick cheney lives in his own personal "cone of silence". i wouldn't mind my very own cone, for use on my next door neighbor who insists on having loud cell phone conversations a t 7:00 a.m. outside my bedroom window and now and then i wouldn't mind giving the husband a few minutes in the cone.

this "cone of silence" thing could catch on. it would be like an adult naughty mat. every time a grown-up behaves badly we could give them a time out in the cone. i think we've got something here. i wonder if pastor rick has patented it yet. if not i might just go into the "cone of silence" business. i think i can have them ready by christmas.

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Sybil Adelman Sage said...

but what if ann coulter is lurking in the cone?