Saturday, August 23, 2008

mccain should take a page from candy spelling's judi sadowsky

if there was no l.a., what in the world would the new york times write about? the other day, on the front page (o.k. it was below the fold, but still) there was a huge article, with pictures, about candy spelling. it seems, ms. spelling, the widow of television producer aaron spelling, is downsizing. she is selling their $150 million dollar mansion "the manor" and purchasing a $47 million dollar condo. ms. spelling, who apparently does not like the word widow, refers to herself as single now and no longer feels she needs such a large home. after all, a single gal, rattling around in a 56,500 square foot home can get kind of lonely.

candy wants to travel and see the world. it seems that all the years she was married she never went anywhere because aaron was afraid of flying. but put away your hankies. all those years candy had to be content, to be home bound, in a home that contained a wine tasting room, a bowling alley, a china room, a silver room and a gift wrapping room. now that she is downsizing, by combining two duplexes, she will have to make due with, at 4000 square feet, a much smaller master bedroom, but she will still be able to keep her dining room table that seats 26.

the spelling household staff will shrink to half of the twenty people she currently employs and only three will continue to live with her. while well in the spirit of downsizing, ms. spelling was quoted as saying that "her china, silver, wardrobe, wine cellar, ball clock collection (whatever the hell ball clocks are) and the gift wrapping room are non-negotiable. i'm not giving it up".

candy is quite a little trooper, and i certainly think there is another bleached blond out there who could follow her lead. perhaps, if cindy mccain really wants her husband to be elected, she should start thinking about a little downsizing of her own.