Monday, August 25, 2008

"It's the catharsis, stupid," by Sybil Adelman Sage

"I'm Still Here," should be the theme song for P.U.M.A. members, who seem to believe that Hillary has a grandfather clause entitling her to the nomination, if not the presidency. "Party Unity My Ass" could help create a President McCain as the group is nothing if not rigid and defiant with many refusing to vote Democratic unless the candidate is Hillary.

As for Hillary, she, too, remains in campaign mode, referring to Obama this week as "my opponent." She's done her part to keep the group fired up, explaining a final hurrah is needed before they can be expected to let go of their dream. That Hillary is reluctant to back off is understandable. She'd never considered not winning, firmly announcing at the outset, "I will be elected." We know she's tenacious, not one to let go.

Voting against your own values and interests is misguided and self-defeating. By refusing to embrace Obama as the candidate, these Hillary supporters are like the mistress who directs her anger at her lover's wife. It's fair to have doubts about Obama, but their moving over to McCain is more a function of rage than a reflection of ambivalence.

Hillary and her supporters are turning the 2008 race into "Fatal Attraction Politics."

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