Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hey, I need Biden too! Sybil Adelman Sage

This is Biden's weekend with his virtues being extolled 24/7, waking me up to the fact that I should have tapped him. With Biden beside me, my lack of foreign policy experience would not be an issue. He'd raise my stock in Delaware and with Latinos. I would also have the reflected glory of the courage and grace he showed while coping with personal challenges.

As for his tendency to speak out of turn? I've made a gaff or two. By my husband's calculations, it may be closer to two or three hundred. If our family had a crest to pass along, instead of assorted doilies crocheted by my grandmother, a fitting design would be an open mouth with a foot in it.

To the few dissenters carping that Biden doesn't represent change, a Sage-Biden team would be a big change for everyone. But maybe the strongest argument for me getting Biden is that he never said I'm not ready for anything. I sure missed the boat on this one.

For sale: website named Sage-Biden