Sunday, August 10, 2008

Follow the money or jewelry to get a Sybil Adelman Sage

Shortly after John Edwards announced his willingness to take a DNA test to establish that he's not the father of the daughter of his ex-mistress, Rielle Hunter, she refused, insisting she wants to protect her own privacy and that of her daughter.

The 42-year-old mistress, it's been revealed pretty much everywhere except perhaps The Nature Channel, met Edwards in a bar, was handsomely paid for traveling with him and making videos despite having no qualifications, gave birth to Frances Quinn Hunter on Feb. 27th and the birth certificate lists no father though a married former campaign worker, now living in a $5 million Santa Barbara home courtesy of a friend of Edwards near the $3 million home the uber-private Hunter and her daughter live in, has claimed paternity. Privacy? It's a little late for that.

You don't have to be an investigative reporter to be suspicious about the claims by an Edwards staffer that without even conferring with the candidate, he took it upon himself to provide his own money so the mistress and campaign worker who took credit for fathering the baby could be protected from the press by moving into California estates. The money, he'd like us to believe, did not come either from Edwards or from campaign funds. This gives new meaning to the concept of a discretionary fund.

Complicated relationships invariably involve huge sums of money as well as jewelry. They haven't done a study, but my theory is the worse the guy, the better the baubles. There are, in fact, two new web sites for women who want to sell jewelry they've received from exes: and The latter shows a picture of a ring or necklace along with a complaint on the order of, "He was lazy, cheap and a piece of crap, obviously he must go."

If jewelry is put up for sale with the explanation, "He had an affair and a baby he denies fathering," we can be sure The National Enquirer will find it.

They may soon have a web site for recycling cheating guys. And, sadly, there are women who will be eager to take them on.

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