Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Could Obama's running mate be...? by Sybil Adelman Sage

With the speculation about running mates, Joe Biden is telling reporters, "I'm not the guy," a response that's become less convincing.

We all remember Bill Clinton pointing his finger while articulating his version of "I'm not the guy," which was followed by everyone affiliated with the Bush administration protesting, "I'm not the guy" when confronted with having ignored a memo alerting them to the threat of a terrorist attack on American soil, lying about weapons of mass destruction to justify invading Iraq, cronyism, revealing Valerie Plame's identify, sending an inadequate number of troops into Iraq, mistreating prisoners of war and pretty much everything else.

More recently John Edwards tailored "I'm not the guy" to his needs after the National Enquirer showed a man with perfectly styled hair holding a baby in an expose about Edwards' mistress having given birth to an extremely profitable baby, adding a surprising twist because a friend of Edwards, Andrew Young, claimed to be the baby's father.

Let's hope that Joe Biden's denial doesn't lead to Andrew Young announcing, "I'm the one."

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Anonymous said...

Check out this collection of Obama VP videos, it's got clips from Biden, Bayh, Kaine and Sebelius as well as other commentary.