Saturday, July 26, 2008

the secret to fool proof weight judi sadowsky

there is new study out that concludes that dieters who write down everything they eat lose up to twice as much weight as dieters who eat without writing. i was curious, and always on the lookout for the magic bullet of weight loss, so i did some research.

it seems that just the mere act of writing foods down was not enough, as i had hoped, to make you lose weight. you actually had to be careful what you ate as well. bummer. wouldn't it be great to have a cheeseburger, side order of fries, chocolate malt and a hot fudge sundae to wash it down and all you had to do was confess on the page and all would be forgiven. no way, jose.

so, it seems, that not only do you have to write every morsel of food down, you have to eat carefully and review, at the end of each day, all you had eaten. if that weren't enough to scare the pounds off you, you then have to go to another person and let them read your food diary - everyday! just who that person would be is beyond me. i can barely get the husband to read this blog. i am sure a page or two of tuna salad and hard boiled eggs would put him right to sleep.

but, you have to believe the researchers and so today i started my food diary and i think it is going to work. it is very hard to pick up a chocolate chip cookie without first putting down your pen and visa versa. i suppose i could try to develop a left handed cookie grab but that sounds too much like an athletic activity which is, by the way, another component to the food diary thing. all of this is making me very tired and hungry. hmmm? i wish i could remember where i hid those cookies? i should have written it down.

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