Sunday, July 6, 2008

now i know why they call it the golden judi sadowsky

gas prices and the unemployment rates keep rising. people are losing their homes and their jobs and what is dominating the news? madonna is having an affair with alex rodriquez. for those of you who are living under a rock, or not in los angeles or new york, it seems that the pop diva has been cheating on her husband of seven years with the yankee third baseman.

but wait, it gets better. while a-rod has been keeping mrs. richie company in new york, mrs. rodriquez has flown to paris and into the arms of lenny kravitz. try to keep up. all this is going on while guy richie is at home in london with the three kids, only one of which is his. one is madonna's daughter by a former lover, and popular new york trainer, and one is the malawan baby madonna adopted a few years ago with much publicity and fanfare.

this is all very exciting and titillating but here is the best part. the lady in question, the heart breaker and home wrecker is FIFTY!! that's right folks this is a senior citizen who is suddenly showing up at yankee games in a-rod's reserved seats turning her into AARP's version of jessica simpson. what a world. i am so glad i no longer have to worry about the war or the economy. i have bigger things to obsess about. there is one swinging senior out there having a great time and i just want to make sure her heart will hold out.