Wednesday, July 23, 2008

not as young as we judi sadowsky

our grown daughter has been staying with us for the past few weeks and it certainly has been an eye opener. there is huge difference between the teenager that left home for college so many years ago and the woman that has returned.

the teenager would sulk around the kitchen in the morning not allowing anyone to speak with her. the grown daughter, not only speaks and is cheerful in the morning, she even puts the coffee on. the teenager left her room in a constant state of chaos, the grown woman cleans her room and even offers to throw in a load of laundry for us. the teenager would jump up from the dinner table as soon as the last crumb on her plate was finished while the grown daughter hangs around for conversation and helps with the clearing and washing up. the teenager always complained that there was nothing good to eat in the house while the adult actually goes to the market.

we've come up with a really good system that, up until yesterday, seemed to be working very well. each of us would leave a shopping list on a post-it stuck to the computer. whoever was going to the store first just grabbed both lists and got whatever was needed. yesterday i was on my way to the store and grabbed the lists without even looking. it wasn't until i was in the produce section that i read through my daughter's list. it was the usual: milk (2%) o.j. (fresh squeezed) eggs (organic) all her items came with a parenthesis. at the very bottom of the list was heart defibrillator (for the home). i stopped dead in my tracks. first of all, i didn't even know that our local market even sold medical supplies (they don't) and secondly, just who was this defibrillator for?

"well", my daughter hemmed and hawed later when i asked her, "you know, you and dad are not getting any younger and i just thought it would be a good idea to have this know...just in case". i love having my daughter here and i love that she is concerned for us but i must admit that i liked it better when she was teenager who screamed at us "i wish you were dead" rather than an adult who really actually worries about that eventuality.

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