Wednesday, July 16, 2008

he's smart but can he cha cha? judi sadowsky

first he wasn't black enough. then, according to some, he was too black. he didn't wear a flag pin, then he wore one. michelle was too outspoken and didn't wear nylons. and then, of course there was the infamous "fist bump", a sure sign of terrorist's leanings. yes sir. there were many "logical" reasons not to vote for obama.

today i heard the best one of all. barak obama does not have a sense of humor. all the columnists and late night comedians are up in arms because the "o" man has nothing funny about him. he doesn't cheat on his wife or fall down stairs or mispronounce "nuclear". apparently, the ability to yuk it up seems to be number one on the list of voter's requirements in a commander-in-chief.

as far as i can tell, we have had a comedian, a good old boy, the kind of man's man that like to throw back a few with the boys, give everyone he meets humiliating and degrading nicknames and likes to snicker and sneer when in the presence of world leaders, for the past seven years. yes sir, this guy is quite a card. just what the doctor ordered and look where he has gotten us. i don't have to list for you, yet again, the trouble this country is in and we have only one person to thank for it - "chuckles the clown".

so, if all the american voters are looking for is a good punch line, then, by all means, vote for mc cain. the only problem is, i am afraid that if we go for the man with the laughs, instead of the brains, the joke will be on us.