Monday, July 28, 2008

Google it and it is Sybil Adelman Sage

What might be the cause of the unusual burning sensation on the side of my tongue? Though neither my dentist nor my periodontist could be sure, Google came through, identifying it as "burning mouth syndrome," not uncommon among women who've gone off hormone replacement therapy.

This discovery was transformative, and Google replaced my primary care physician, our dog's vet, well, pretty much every authority I've ever turned to. How do I remove discoloration from my tub? What has Valerie Harper been doing? Which sunscreen should I be taking? When are hurricanes most apt to hit Mexico? Is this itching caused by antibiotics, or an ingredient in detergent?

I'm one search away from anything I want to know. The only problem is Google a symptom and you're convinced you have the condition. I've turned into my own Mayo Clinic. It used to be only medical students who identified with what they learned about. Now you Google it and it's yours.

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