Monday, July 28, 2008

God Gets Back to Sybil Adelman Sage

We learned from the Israeli newspaper, Maariv, what Obama wrote in the note to God stuck into the Western Wall, and now Bicoastal Broads has decided not to take the High Road and report on God's response, which was as follows:

It's not my habit to personally answer notes shoved into the Western Wall and, believe me (as I know you do), this won't happen again, so don't spread it around.

I'm over the top flattered that you took the time to write to me. Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, the West Bank, Israel, Germany, France, England -- that's a lot to fit into one week. Sure, I managed to create it all in six days, but let me remind you we each need a day of downtown. Who do you think introduced the Power Nap?!!

This is my 5768th year in the hope business, and I've always worked alone. Change is a fair message. Hope starts to step onto my toes. The High Road is mine. Keep in mind it's not pretty when I get jealous: no more Mr. Nice God.