Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cross-nursing a baby? Trickle down theory from cross-nursing a man? Sybil Adelman Sage

Cross-nursing, breastfeeding a baby other than your own, is on the rise, according to an editor of Babytalk magazine who appeared on "Good Morning America."

Though it was not uncommon in the 1920's to use a wet nurse when a mother wasn't able to breastfeed, this is not a category we expect to see posted on Craigslist these days. In a poll done by the magazine, 45% of respondents said they find cross-nursing "disgusting" or "weird", markedly different from the response to the Chinese policewoman who was seen as a national hero for nursing nine babies after the earthquake.

Is the re-emergence of nursing another woman's baby an example of the trickle down theory? A spin-off from the more widespread practice of cross-nursing another woman's husband?


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