Monday, July 7, 2008

Americans are created equal...not. by Sybil Adelman Sage

There are those born to poverty and those born to privilege. While they both have the same freedom of speech, some will learn the difference between adjectives and adverbs in schools with small classes and get orthodonture if they need it.

There are those who ride mountain bikes, seemingly effortlessly, long distances up steep mountains at high elevations on hot days and others who need cholesterol medication at the age of eight.

There are those who listen and those who wait for you to stop talking.

There are those who have several homes and there are those, including veterans, who have no home and rely on the generosity of strangers.

We are united as Americans and every four years have the chance to jump start the country. Encourage everyone within earshot to vote. If your Starbucks was one of the 600 that was closed because of the economy, remind others who can no longer fill their gas tank or get a tall, skinny latte that McCain admitted to knowing nothing about economics.

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