Friday, June 13, 2008

What Happens when we run out of News? by Sybil Adelman Sage

Pity the pundits, hard pressed to fill the endless airtime in the absence of juicy stories about Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, or Cindy McCain's refusal to reveal her financial records, this week reduced to yammering about the significance of McCain's confusing Shiite and Sunni. Look for Joe Lieberman to remain within earshot of the 71-year-old candidate should he get murky again and, let's say, claim that Woody Allen is married to a Sunni.

When the 24-hour news stations run out of news, they rely on analysis, so are now reflecting not only on ageism, but sexism, reflecting on what part it played in Hillary's campaign while trying to account for her demise. After concluding the cause was a poorly run campaign, they move on to speculate on likely vice-presidential choices, breaking down what and whom each candidate must distance himself from and what he'll need to do to win.

Remaining minutes are devoted to the polls, seemingly any polls, hoping we'll stay tuned to see how iPod owners under the age of thirty five are trending and who's getting the support of the older gay, Hispanic bakery owners. Fortunately for those of us whose ADD doesn't allow us to remain transfixed by all of this, there's the crawl.

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