Sunday, June 8, 2008

We Should All have Super-Delegates of our Sybil Sage

With one day remaining to make the most of Lisbon, it's helpful to be traveling with two trusted friends, who are willing to tell it as it is.

"Your hair needs a little fixing in the back where you can't see it," Brooks will suggest, most welcome after a four-hour car trip that would have taken 45 minues had the GPS system worked. "Let's just eat pizza from now on," Josh offers so wisely after we've spent a fortune on overcooked vegetables and overly-salted, inedible cod prepared every which way except good. They are no loonger just friends, but now our super-delegates, trusted advisors who prevent us from making more mistakes.

This is why I intend to appoint from my pool of friends a contingent to be super-delegates, who will advise on our household furnishings, parenting and spiritual needs. Friends who are on your side and candid can be authorized to tell you when you're right and wrong, putting you into the job you deserve, sparing you from the holes you routinely fall into. I'm now heading to the hotel lobby to see if what I'm wearing and my proposed walking tour will get rubber stamped.