Monday, June 23, 2008

The Wars in New Sybil Adelman Sage

A group of protestors with signs demanding human rights in Tibet has created a presence near where the cruise ships dock and their shouts were making it difficult to hear the radio as I was moving slowly on the West Side Highway, behind drivers seemingly undetered by the $4 a gallon price of gasoline. Despite the shouting, I was able to make out that those calling into WNYC were railing that tourists, cyclists, frisbee players, parks department employees and runners are at odds with one another in how they want to use Central Park. This topic may have been inspired by a new practice of cyclists being ticketed if they go through a red light in the park, which, curiously, they get away with on city streets.

WNYC is inviting New Yorkers to call in and submit their individual proposals for which city streets should be closed to traffic along with those Mayor Bloomberg is setting off for a period of time this summer, an experiment sure to create controversy and rancor. But what doesn't in this city?

While not approaching the tensions in Gaza, New York has to contend with the peculiarities that we're a vocal bunch living here. Whether it's a private citizen, block association, street vendor, movie company or the street fair crepe makers, we each feel entitled and determined to stake out our territory.

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