Wednesday, June 11, 2008

no, no they can't take them away from judi sadowsky

when the women of the world united and burned their bras, i cheered. i was young and who needed a bra anyway? i remember my mother wearing a girdle and i remember how thrilled she was when the old girdles were tossed aside after the invention of panty girdles. i was too young to ever have to wear a panty girdle (except maybe once or twice in an attempt to feel grown up) but i do remember wearing a garment called "suss pants". suss pants were pink, ruched undies with garters attached. they were like training girdles.

with each new underwear invention women moved forward toward freedom. by the time panty hose came along we were well into feminism and mini skirts. we could show our legs and be comfortable at the same time. panty hose changed the world. you could be as bare as you dared and yet still feel covered.

as i grew older, panty hose became my best friend. not only could the hose camouflage all sorts of imperfections, blotchy skin and unsightly veins, but the newer panty hose collections included support. a good pair of hose could smooth out bumps and lumps and make you look five pounds slimmer. i grew old and i was happy.

now, suddenly, women are at it again. suddenly going bare legged has become a sign of liberation. suddenly, we panty hose wearers are deemed old fashioned and out of step. i see the panty hose as going the way of the girdle. soon those of us whose bare legs have not seen the light of day since the vietnam war are going to be forced to go "commando" leg wise.

i for one will not go gently into the good night. hold on ladies. do not give up your rights. if a woman can run for president (who by the way is rumored not to have the greatest legs - hence the pants suits) than we should have enough political clout to hold on to our little bits of nylon and spandex!!!