Friday, June 13, 2008

looking for houseguests? look judi sadowsky

today's newspaper had, as it's front page story, a disturbing article about obesity in japan. it seems the government has issued a new mandate, requiring all adults between the ages of forty and seventy-five, to get their waistlines measured. if the measurements are above 33.5 for men and 34.6 for women, they are sent to be "educated". many people are refusing to get measured. i don't think of the japanese as a fat people and, with waistlines those sizes, they would hardly even qualify for the plus size departments in the u.s.

in another section of the newspaper there was huge article about second home owners who are having trouble filling their guest rooms on weekends and holidays. there was story after story of people who owned lake front homes and beach homes and ski homes with guest rooms and bathrooms galore and yet have trouble finding any takers. some of them blame their friends, saying they are too spoiled and expect to be waited on hand foot, want frette linens and room service. others claim that their vacation homes are too far for their friends to travel to or, as in the case of one woman, her parents and pets are always there and, apparently, some people don't like either. in reading this article, i couldn't help but think of that self help book that was popular a few years ago. it told women when it was time to dump a boyfriend. the title was "he's just not that into you". well folks, stop blaming the linens from bed, bath and beyond. i would just start looking for new friends.

on that note, i think all these second home owners should start looking to japan. i have a feeling a lot of japanese are going to start moving here. i am sure they would like an invitation to some of these homes. they may be fat but i am sure they will be grateful.

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