Sunday, June 22, 2008

going, going, judi sadowsky

a young man in australia has put his life up for auction on ebay. it seems his girlfriend broke up with him and his life, as he knew it, didn't seem worth much to him anymore. he has put his house, his car, all his possessions, an opportunity to interview for his job (at the local rug shop) and all his friends, who have apparently agreed to befriend the highest bidder, on sale. he is hoping to earn enough money to start a new life somewhere else.

it is funny about our culture today. twenty years ago, the mere thought of selling your life would be considered odd, if not downright crazy. now, a life is right up there, next to a slightly used microwave oven and a brand new, never been worn, pair of red, satin manolo blahnik pumps, size eight.

the more i think about it, however, the less crazy the idea seems. who hasn't, at one time or another, fantasized about walking out of our own humdrum existence and starting all over again, in a new town, with all new chances? i am curious, though, about the people who are bidding on this young man's life. sure, it does sound like an easy way to start a new life, with everything in place, including best friends and a car, but i would hope, that if i were desperate, or just plain adventurous enough, to buy a new life on ebay, i would not bid on one that included a job interview at the local rug store.