Sunday, May 11, 2008

With friends like Sybil Sage

"How I Helped O.J. Get Away With Murder" by O.J. Simpson's former crony, Mike Gilbert, tells of Gilbert's role in Simpson's acquittal. He suggested how to bloat his hands so the bloody glove wouldn't fit. Gilbert claims that weeks after the trial, after smoking pot, taking a sleeping pill and drinking beer, Simpson revealed to him that he'd gone to Nicole's condo and committed the murders with the knife she'd had in her hand when she opened the door, which was never found.

Simpson's lawyer is denying the account and claiming that Gilbert is "a delusional drug addict who needs money," while Gilbert is equally critical of the attorney.


If convicted felons aren't allowed to profit by writing about their crimes, shouldn't that law apply to accomplices?

What happened that Gilbert, once loyal enough to protect a murderer, has had such a reversal?

How many talk shows will the author be on this week?

Can we all refrain from buying the book?

But, more important, would Gilbert know how I can squeeze into my size 4 jeans?