Monday, May 12, 2008

nothing is judi sadowsky

today they raised the price of stamps to forty-one cents. it never fails. as soon as i get super organized, steel myself for a forty-five minute wait, in line, at the post office and purchase a roll of one hundred stamps, they raise the rates. then i am doomed to months of sticking that extra one cent stamp on every letter and bill i send out. but not this time. oh no! this time i have "forever" stamps. "forever" stamps are, well, forever. i can use them until they run out and i never have to add another penny of postage. but, alas, nothing is forever. as soon as i run out of them i will be forced to buy all new "forever" stamps, at a heftier rate.

i can't keep up with the price of milk, eggs or gasoline. how in the world am i going to keep track of stamps? my son, the computer genius (and our very own blog master) tells me that this is yet another reason to pay my bills on line. easy for him to say. i have less faith in my computer skills than i do in the post office's hollow promises of forever.

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