Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hasta la vista from las bicoastal broads, who are on vacation

As the Broads are leaving for vacation (returning June 10th), we'd like to thank you for your loyalty and have a virtual celebration to mark the one year anniversary of the blog - on June 2, 2008.

We have several suggestions as to how we can all join together for a Bicoastal Broads Day:

1) Pick your favorite postings - the Best of the Broads - print them out and take them to the nearest park, where you will read them aloud to women with strollers and drug dealers.

2) Think of this vacation time as Bicoastal Broads On Demand and scroll back through the last year, remembering when there were more than 243 days left of Bush/Cheney.

3) Donate to a charity (Bicoastalbroads.org - not yet established) but this can be our annual fund-raising drive.

4) E-mail us (sybilny@aol.com and jsadowsky@earthlink.net) to let us know how you feel about the blog. We've heard that commenting on the blog is difficult but this would be a way we can hear from our readers. This would be The Bicoastal Broads Listening Tour.

We will be in Spain and Portugal so...hasta la vista until June 10th.

hola amigos. it is i, the other half of of the broads. i, too, am off to spain but unlike sybil, i require nothing of you while i am gone but your prayers, to keep my plane in the air, and prehaps a few novenas in the hopes that the husband will be satisfied with the hotels, and that the restaurants, he has spent four months choosing, will not disappoint.

when we return it will be the beginning of the second year of the bi-coastal broads. we are planning all new surprises to keep our you, our loyal readers engaged. we are thinking of photos, clever cartoons and perhaps, for my part, upper and lower case letters.

until our return, may you all be well, be careful not to read anyone else and we will see you in june!


Anonymous said...

Great read! I want you to follow up to this topic??

-Kindest Regards,

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