Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's Bill Clinton's foot doing in Hillary's mouth? Sybil Sage

How is it that Bill Clinton, known to have an extraordinary memory, can't remember that he's supposed to be helping his wife? The same man who recounts details of meetings and conversations dating back to his presidency and delights people by recognizing them years after one brief meeting, is tripping over what Hillary has said and done.

Not only did he resurrect the Bosnia misstatement after it had finally gone to a back burner, but he erroneously attributed her "confusion" to it having been late and her being tired. In fact, Hillary had recounted the story several times, including during prepared remarks delivered the morning of March 17.

Bill also incorrectly asserted she'd "immediately apologized for it" when the reality is she never apologized and only acknowledged that she "misspoke" a week later in response to a video showing her peaceful tarmac reception in Bosnia.

There were other gaffes this week, hard to explain from such an adept orator accustomed to addressing the press. What will Hillary's campaign do about this? I suspect they're taking a careful look at his itinerary and booking his flights on American Airlines.

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