Sunday, April 6, 2008

it's the economy, stupid.... by judi sadowsky

once again, sybil, by dint of arising three hours earlier, grabbed the dropping dead bloggers story from the front page of the new york times, but this time i had the advantage. sybil doesn't get the los angeles times, so i have that field all to my self. and guess what was on the front page of the l.a. times, in the exact same position, below the fold. The headline read "cosmetic surgery sags as purse strings tighten".

yes sir. while all over america people are losing their homes and their jobs to the sub-prime loan crisis, the housing slump and the general decline in the economy, beverly hills, california. is feeling the pain as well. women are having to forgo their monthly visits to the plastic surgeon. it seems that when faced with a bit of botox or paying the mortgage, the mortgage has won out, reluctantly. one woman was quoted as saying that she would "rather have botox than go out to dinner". it seems that many women surveyed would rather have a syringe full of juverderm that eat at all. of course, not eating, in beverly hills, is not headline news.

judy wade told the saddest story. divorced, after thirty-five years of married life, she had to put off a face-lift that she hoped would jump start her social life. she apparently couldn't imagine any new man being interested in her with her old face. i guess there are many ways of being bankrupt.

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