Friday, April 11, 2008

beauty is in the eye of the judi sadowsky

between the economy, the environment and the war in iraq, i was so pleased that someone emailed me something that actually made me smile. it was a short video of an elephant painting a self portrait. when the elephant's trainer placed a brush in his trunk this pachyderm went at it like a four legged picasso. not only was it a very good rendering of an elephant, he also painted a bright, red flower clutched in his trunk.

now, as far as i know, there are no mirrors in the jungle (unless of course you count those fancy tent hotels that american tourists like to stay in while "camping" on safari) so how does this elephant know what he looks like? the husband, always quick with an answer to troubling questions, patiently explained to me that all he had to do was look at other elephants and he would know what he looked like. hmmm? so, if i had never seen a mirror and i wanted to paint a self portrait, all i would have to do is take a glance, at say, angelina jolie and think "i'm a female human, and she's a female human, so i must look like that". i like the way this elephant thinks.

i would also like to add that in addition to being a very good artist, dumbo also seemed to have a serious case of high elephant self esteem. in his self portrait, this very zaftig animal rendered himself tall and thin, with very long legs. i would say he would be about a size six in elephant jeans. definitely an elephant with attitude. i wonder how happy we all would be if we had never seen a mirror. regardless of what we looked like, we could all go around, if we chose, to think we looked like miss jolie. i am going to take a page from this elephant's book. it's all a mind thing. from now on, i am banishing all mirrors and giving brad pitt a call. you should try it and also, while you are at it, please pass the peanuts.

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