Sunday, March 2, 2008

A winter coat for $39?!! I'm on my way. by Sybil Sage

In recent years I've been railing about the exhorbitant prices being charged for leather bags, boots and sushi. So I was surprised and excited to come across an ad this morning while flipping through New York Magazine in the Sales & Bargains listings. "Bargain prices on wool sweaters (now $25), winter coats (now $39)." I turned to my husband to suggest we visit the store. "Where is it?" he asked.

"Oh, it's the Trixie + Peanut Pet Emporium." They also have pet carriers on sale. Cocker spaniels are now wearing coats at the prices I expect to pay.

My husband might have teased me except that I've kept the story alive though it was many years ago when I was preparing to wash our dog and unable to find her conditioner until I finally located it in my husband's shower. He was insisting it was his, falling quiet only when I read the label aloud, "Use full strength on show day."

These are the mishaps that didn't happen back when our vision was 20/20.