Thursday, March 27, 2008

Whom would you choose to snoop on: John Mc Cain or Anna Nicole Smith? Sybil Sage

Along with Hillary Clinton, John Mc Cain and Barack Obama, whose passport applications were improperly viewed by State Department workers, we now learn Anna Nicole Smith's privacy was violated. These employees clearly don't have enough to do. If there's going to be snooping, it should be to make sure they're not putting in for overtime pay.

What, I wonder, don't we already know about Anna Nicole Smith? Do passport records have secrets that haven't appeared in the tabloids? What I don't hear on TV "news" shows, I find out while waiting on line at the supermarket. There's almost nothing we're not privy to except maybe the Clintons' financial records, which, I have to admit, I'd peek at if they were to appear on my desk. Aside from that, my complaint would be we're getting too much information.

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