Sunday, March 23, 2008

What would Jesus say about Jamie Lee Curtis Baring her breasts on the cover of AARP The Magazine? Sybil Sage

Sunday morning talk shows, having exhausted this week's discussions about Hillary and Obama, segued to a provocative question -- "Would Jesus support the death penalty" --causing me to wonder if I should leave for the gym or stay tuned to see if this might lead to their debating Jesus's feelings about Jamie Lee Curtis celebrating her upcoming 50th birthday by posing gray-haired and topless on the cover of the May-June issue of AARP The Magazine.

There are, I'm sure, women this age whose naked bodies would sell magazines. Jesus may disagree, but I'm not sure Jamie Lee Curtis is the one we want to see. AARP The Magazine isn't on stands competing with Hustler. It starts arriving by mail once you reach the age to qualify for senior discounts, the go-to periodical when you're curious about gadgets for arthritic hands. A hot, post-menopausal babe on the cover is unlikely to spike their circulation, and I doubt that a man of any age will hide the upcoming issue under his bed.

While supportive of a woman feeling proud of her body, I'm squirming about the exhibitionist aspect. I'm okay to undress in front of my husband and in Loehmann's communal fitting room, but would be more enthusiastic about a 50-year-old woman appearing on "Jeopardy" and demonstrating that her memory is holding up as well as her boobs.