Monday, March 10, 2008

The sleeping child in the Clinton 3 AM commercial is an Obama Sybil Sage

"With friends like these," Hillary could well be muttering were she to take a break from stumping and smiling," that 17-year-old Casey Knowles, the angelic, "sleeping" child in the 3 AM commercial, is appearing on TV to say that stock footage shot of her eight years ago was used in the 3AM Clinton commercial, the irony being she describes herself as an "Obama delegate."

Yet more astounding is the effect of Bill Clinton's participation in this campaign. Hillary could not be accused of paranoia if she were to question her husband's feelings, however unconscious, about the Clintons returning to the White House. While ostensibly supporting his wife, the former president, an experienced and brilliant campaigner, has not been the asset supporters had anticipated. My husband was the first to suspect that Bill was conflicted, but others are now saying the same thing.

Best that Bill Clinton and Casey Knowles not appear on the same TV show...for many reasons.

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