Sunday, March 2, 2008

obama boy takes texas by storm by judi sadowsky

saturday morning the husband left for texas to campaign for obama. he was going with a friend and they were to be stationed in austin. their group leader is max kennedy, son of the late robert. they arrived saturday afternoon and by late in the day the first phone call came.

the husband was exhilarated. he and his friend had been assigned the task of going door to door in a huge apartment complex somewhere in downtown austin. two bald, jewish , middle-aged men ringing doorbells on a saturday afternoon in texas. i only wish i had sent a camera crew with them to document their day. i asked how many doors were slammed in his face. "none" he answered. "it seems nobody is home in austin on a saturday afternoon". but he was not deterred.

that night the husband called again. this time he was exhausted, his feet hurt, he thought he might be coming down with a cold and yet he still had not lost his enthusiasm. "this is just like the 60's when i campaigned for JFK" he gushed. i had to agree with him - he sounded so happy and yet i knew it was not just like the 60's. in the 60's we were on drugs. now, in our sixties, we are on medication.

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